Mayford Athletic Football Club – Our DNA

Who we are…

Mayford Athletic is a grassroots football club based in Woking: offering children of different abilities the opportunity to play football in a supportive, friendly environment, where learning and a love of the game are actively encouraged.

Our ethos and approach to coaching and development is fully aligned with the playing and coaching philosophy of The Football Association’s England DNA

Our Coaching Volunteers

Our coaches hold player and team development at the core of their coaching philosophy and will seek to develop the techniques and the skills of each individual child at training sessions and whilst playing in matches.

Wherever we are playing, our coaches will represent the club in a positive and professional manner at all times.

Every coach will be given the opportunity, and are encouraged to attend the regular coach education sessions provided by the Club.

Our Non-Coaching Volunteers

Our coaches will consult with the player’s parents and guardians regularly: they will offer them a voice and input into what their child will learn.

Throughout the year we ask all parents to volunteer some time to support in the running of the club. There are a wide range of activities to get involved in, both football and non-football related activities.

Our Players

– Every player will be encouraged to take some responsibility for their own learning
and development.

– Having a positive attitude, an opinion, demonstrating the appropriate behaviour and making their own decisions will allow players to fulfil their potential on and off the field.

– On match days our players will always play a minimum of 50% game time.

– During training coaches will deliver game related practices, develop practices that involve lots of decision making and always aim for a minimum of 70% ball rolling.

– To support the development of teams and players, players may be asked to attend team trials,  experiment with new playing positions and play across teams and age groups.

– New players will be granted three consecutive weeks free training for all parties to assess whether there is mutual fit.

How we Play

At all times respect, teamwork and sportsmanship will be expected from our players, coaches and parents outside of the club, during training and on match day. Kindness is a priority.

Winning games is not our priority. Practicing and experiencing different playing position and playing across teams is a core tenet.

Our success will be measured by the improvements of each player and the team across each of the Four Corners – Technical, Psychological, Physical, Social

How we Support

Mayford Athletic will promote a culture of excellence, whereby all volunteer coaches at the club are encouraged and supported to become qualified which, as a result, will maximise the opportunity to develop themselves and their team players.

Mayford Athletic Football Club
Trust Pledges

We pledge to:
– Create a positive learning environment
– Enhance personal development beyond football
– Develop understanding of and within the game
– Help build confidence, self-esteem and promote personal development
– Improve individual performance
– Create and maintain stronger links between local community and our football club
– Use football as a vehicle to educate about our values
– Support volunteering
– Increase participation in football and active recreation
– Provide wider community usage of the club
– Support the development of individuals and groups regardless of their race, culture, religion, gender, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or social status